Arkay Windows is a specialist large scale door manufacturer with over 40 years' experience producing & supplying high quality doors in aluminium and uPVC.

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Arkay Windows has been manufacturing a vast selection of modern aluminium doors to homes and businesses throughout the UK. As your local door manufacturer, we produce high quality uPVC & aluminium doors for commercial and domestic customers. Our manufactured doors have been carefully designed and stringently tested to ensure excellent performance and modern aesthetics.

Whether you’re looking to replace your front door with Schuco or provide a stunning new focal point somewhere within your residential or commercial property with a UniFOLD door, our collection of door styles can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. All of our door designs are manufactured in our state of the art facility in London, so you can trust that your new doors will provide performance that excels in uality.

Read on for more information about the range of doors manufactured by us, or find out 5 of many reasons why you should choose Arkay as your Door Manufacturer.

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Our Door Manufacturing Facilities

Our factory facilities are based in Watford, London. We manufacture doors using a combination of traditional production skills and modern technology. This ensures that you are provided with new doors that offer exceptional and long lasting performance.

All of our door profiles are carefully designed and stringently tested by our expert team. We have been working as door manufacturers for several years, ensuring all projects are completed to a high standard and you will always receive the highest quality profile.

Take a look at our short video below to find out more about how we manufacture our doors.

What Doors do We Manufacture?

As a premium aluminium door manufacturer, you can choose from many market-leading profiles from across the UK which can be made bespoke to your clients’ requirements. Are you looking to choose us as your new door manufacturer? If so, contact us today.

AluK Door Manufacturers

We are one of AluK’s largest door manufacturers in the UK. If you’re after a new set of aluminium bifold doors, then we can offer you the AluK Luminia F82 and the AluK BSF70. We also manufacture the AluK BSC94 sliding door. All styles supplied by our team at Arkay offer ultra-slim sightlines, providing modern visuals that will add contemporary flair to any property.

We also provide the impressive AluK 58BD for standard front, side or back door applications.

For your commercial needs, we can offer you highly durable AluK commercial doors.

Aluk Door Manufacturer UK

Schuco Door Manufacturers

Alongside AluK, we also manufacture and supply a range of aluminium doors from Schuco who are an international aluminium supplier. Available to you, is a choice of Schuco ADS 70 HD front doors, Schuco ASS 70 folding door and the new HD door, and Schuco ASS 50 Sliding door.

Choose us as your door manufacturers today to benefit from panoramic views and secure systems.

Schuco Bifold Doors Supplier London UK

Slimline Door Manufacturers

Slimline doors are becoming extremely popular within the UK market as we are noticing a trend in minimal sightlines and large glazed panels. We have always been ahead of the game when it comes to manufacturing our doors, so we have a variety of Arkay branded doors available in London and the UK.

The modern designs allow you to benefit from enhanced natural light allowance, providing your residential or commercial property with a bright and airy space all year long thanks to the ultra-slim sightlines.

Our most popular sliding options include a 20mm slimline door known as the InfiniGLIDE3, the InfiniGLIDE 6 which is a large scale sliding door that is perfect for new builds, and the EdgeGlide inline sliding door. For a contemporary bifold door solution, check out the popular UniFold aluminium bifold door.

Our slimline doors can be manufactured as pocked doors, or frameless doors as pictured below.

Slimline Door Manufacturer

uPVC Door Manufacturers

As well as our range of aluminium doors, we are also manufacturers of Liniar uPVC doors. This includes a selection of uPVC patio doors, which have been designed to provide exceptional standards of thermal performance, durability, security and weatherproofing. Without compromising on the excellent functionality, you can enjoy modern aesthetics.

The quality of Liniar uPVC is outstanding which is why we specialise in this profile. We have a separate uPVC manufacturing facility situated in Wood Green, London so if you are interested in a new door manufacturer and want to know our uPVC capacity levels, contact us today.

Front Door Manufacturers

If you’re looking to replace your front door, then we also offer a range of replacement front door to homes and commercial properties in London or the UK.

The robust designs will provide exceptional durability and security, keeping every property they’re installed into well protected. Our front doors include a range of Entrance doors and Pirnar front doors.

Choose Arkay Windows as your Door Manufacturer

As your local door manufacturer, we are not only an asset to you as a supplier but also to your customer. We take pride in our work and ensure everything is built to meet today’s industry standards.

We are fully accredited and competitive door manufacturers in the UK.

If you want to work with us, talk to us about joining the Arkay installer scheme today and we can become your go-to aluminium door supplier.

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