ALUK BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors

A modern, versatile and premium inline sliding door solution.

Combining high performance with stunning design, our slimline aluminium sliding doors systems provide a versatile solution for any architectural project. Manufactured to the highest UK standards, this multi-configuration inline system offers outstanding thermal performance and a wide range of customisable options.

  • Accepts 20-31mm double glazing
  • Max 400KG panel weight
  • Certified PAS 24
  • Anti bi-metal polyamide strip to allow for varying expansion rates
  • Multiple sliding configurations
  • Mono, dual or tri rail options
  • Available in single and dual colour
Aluk BSC94 Sliding Door Profile


U-value (Double Glazing)* (Ug = 1.0W/m2K) (Mono Rail) 1.7 W/m²K
U-value (Triple Glazing)* (Ug = 0.7W/m2K) (Mono Rail) 1.5 W/m²K
U-value (Double Glazing)* (Ug = 1.0W/m2K) (Dual Rail) 1.9 W/m²K 1.9 W/m²K
U-value (Triple Glazing)* (Ug = 0.7W/m2K) (Dual Rail) 1.7 W/m²K 1.6 W/m²K
Green Guide Rating C Rated C Rated
Acoustic performance (dB) Rw (C;Ctr) 36 (-1;-3) dB** npd
Air Tightness (Pa)*** Class 4 (600 Pa) Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water Tightness (Pa)*** Class 7a (300 Pa) Class 7a (300 Pa)
Wind Load (Pa)*** C4 (1600 Pa) C4 (1600 Pa)
Security — PAS24


Opening BSC94 BSC94SLIM
Mono Rail (105mm)
Dual Rail (94mm)
Tri Rail (155mm)


Max Vent Weight**** 400 kg 400 kg
Max Frame Height* 3000mm 3000mm
Max Frame Height with Security Features 2600mm

• U-Value (Double Glazing) – Single Doors are calculated using EN ISO 10077 – Part 2, 1000mm x 2180mm Single Door with Ug: 1.0 W/m²K using AW604 outerframe and AD200/AD201 vent. Double Doors are calculated using EN ISO 10077 – Part 2, 2000mm x 2180mm Single Door with Ug: 1.0 W/m²K using AW604 outerframe and AD200/AD201 vent.

† U-Value (Triple Glazing) – Single Doors are calculated using EN ISO 10077 – Part 2, 1000mm x 2180mm Single Door with Ug: 0.7 W/m²K using AW604 outerframe and AD200/AD201 vent. Double Doors are calculated using EN ISO 10077 – Part 2, 2000mm x 2180mm Single Door with Ug: 0.7 W/m²K using AW604 outerframe and AD200/AD201 vent.


Sightline 85mm 45mm
Dual Colour Option
Multi-point Locking
Glazing Options Internal Internal
Glazing Thickness 20mm-31mm 20mm-31mm
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Effortless Operation and Premium Lift and Slide Door

The ALUK BSC94 is a premium product that offers superb features and benefits. With thermal U-Values of 1.5W/m2K (triple glazed), panel weights of up to 400KG and sightlines as little as 45mm this sliding door is packed with advanced and innovative features.

Offering a versatile design that is available in a range of sliding configurations with single, dual or triple track systems you can create slimline patio doors designs that are unique to your project needs and requirements. Using high quality aluminium, they can accommodate 20mm – 31mm of double glazing offering minimal frame work to benefit from stunning views.

Featuring high quality fittings and hardware, the sliding door is durable and promises a smooth operation every time. They are powder coated with a rich and weather resistant coating that offers exterior protection against the elements. Available in over 200 RAL colours, you can select a shade that best suits your project needs and complements the interior design.

The ALUK BSC94 sliding door offers a contemporary solution and modern aesthetic. Created using premium quality aluminium, they are flexible in design yet highly robust and strong. With the ability of having large glazing areas to benefit from unobstructed and uninhibited views, the sliding door is an excellent solution for both residential and commercial projects.

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A Multi-Configuration In-Line Sliding Door System

The ALUK BSC94 sliding door design allows you to specify and design the most suitable solution for your project. Whether you are implementing sliding doors into a residential property for ease of access to the outdoors, or you’re installing sliding doors into a commercial property such as a restaurant or office, the ALUK BSC94 model is adaptable and versatile.

There are in-line and lift and slide options, multiple track configurations, a large range of hardware and door styles to choose from, a variety of colours to select from, high quality finishes and more to provide a perfect solution for your project. You can create a unique sliding door style that is bespoke to the property you are applying it to.

Whether you select a small two-panel sliding door or a large six-panel sliding door, the choice really is yours. The strong aluminium frame can accommodate large glazing areas for breath-taking views and increased natural light to enter the building. With no need for swing space, the sliding operation is simple and easy to use.

You can select the dual or tri-rail sliding door option with each panel having the possibility to slide behind the other giving you more floor space. You won’t need to worry about swing space with our ALUK BSC94 sliding door design that is intelligently designed with modern fixtures and fittings.

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Choose ALUK BSC94 Sliding Doors for Form As Well as Functionality

Our ALUK BSC94 sliding doors are high quality, modern, versatile and visually appealing. Making them stand out from traditional sliding doors include the slimline design, increased security and excellent U-Values as well as weather resistance. You don’t have to compromise on form over functionality with the ALUK BSC94 sliding door model.

With an operation that is familiar with traditional patio sliding doors, each panel is set within the frame and slides to the left or right. You can choose from single, double or triple track doors with double or triple glazing.

The ALUK BSC94 sliding doors are available as two, three, four or six panel sliding doors meaning that they are suitable for a range of project types whether you require a small opening or something larger to accommodate more traffic or larger widths. They are available with a standard 85mm mullion or 45mm slimline option depending on your preference.

All of our sliding patio doors are security tested and highly weather resistant, capable of keeping your property safe and secure. You are well protected from the elements and even adverse weather conditions with tough and robust glazing that keeps moisture out and heat in.

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Thermal Insulation

Are heavy sliding doors hard to operate or open?

The lift and slide doors offer easy operation and convenience with easy to open sliding panels that are sat behind the frame. A turn of the handle lifts even the heaviest door so that you can operate it safely and easily time and time again.

Do the sliding doors offer good ventilation?

There is inbuilt ventilation intelligently incorporated into the design as standard for when the doors are shut. Opening the doors for increased ventilation during the summer helps to regulate air flow and maintain a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Are the sliding doors thermally efficient?

Our ALUK BSC94 sliding door are incredibly thermally efficient, with thermal U-Values of 1.4W/m2K (triple glazed). They offer high levels of performance and guarantee to continue performing for years to come even after heavy or frequent use.

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