How Do Sliding Doors Work?

Sliding doors are a stunning addition to the interior and exterior of a home. Whether you live in an urban area or are situated in a rural location, sliding doors can beautifully enhance your property and bring the outdoors in.

Due to frame profiles getting thinner and more advanced every day, it's important that your door consists of the very best quality and high performing features. Whether you are building a new extension or want to just upgrade your current patio doors, these doors can cater for all residential and commercial uses.

Why Choose Sliding Doors?

In comparison to other potential door styles, sliding doors are considered neater and are extremely easy to operate; without using up any extra room. So for smaller homes especially, this style of door is ideal for space saving properties.

Additionally, large sliding doors are very easy to operate, extremely secure and versatile. At Arkay Windows, we provide all our valued customers with a variety of door options including Schüco’s ASE 60, ASS 50, InfiniGLIDE3 and 6, EdgeGLIDE+, ALUK’s BSC94 and uPVC patio doors.

Sliding doors have become one of the main lasting marks of contemporary architecture which are typically found within modern style properties that promote minimal aesthetics and style. With various benefits, sliding patio doors can provide your home with the very best quality of performance and versatility.

Sliding Door Benefits:

  1. Thermal Efficiency
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Transitions
  3. Safety and Security Measures
  4. Space Saving Possibilities
  5. Natural Lighting
  6. Easy Access and Movement
  7. Bespoke Options

How Do Sliding Doors Work?

Sliding doors operate as a sliding door panel alongside a set of horizontal rails. Due to the weight of the door being suspended on the rollers towards the top of the door, weight plays a huge part in its construction and structure. If the door appears too heavy, it can be too difficult to open – taking it off the tracks. However, most sliding doors have a guide along the bottom of the door to prevent the door from swinging out of place. Additionally, sliding patio doors include a stopper at either end to once again prevent the door from sliding off the track.

Depending on the height, weight and appearance of the sliding door, this operation can vary due to the various bespoke options that Arkay Windows offer, however the performance and high quality materials will remain the same. However you want to design your sliding door, Arkay can tailor it to your specific needs and preferences – leaving you with a completely uniquely crafted home improvement solution.

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