Liniar Casement Windows


Here at Arkay Windows, we manufacture and supply a stunning Liniar range of uPVC casement windows. This simple yet effective design has slim sightlines, optimising the level of natural light that will flood into your home.

Make your individual mark on your casement windows by choosing from a variety of openings colours, finishes as well as glass and hardware options. Opt for a traditional design that boasts effortless modern performance with Liniar uPVC casement windows.

  • 28mm double and 36mm/40mm triple glazing
  • 4 chambered multi-wall profiles
  • U-values from 1.2 (DGU) and 0.9 (TGU)
  • Patented co-ex gasket
  • Sculptured and chamfered suites
Casement Profile Liniar
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Aesthetically Pleasing Liniar Casement Windows

The timeless design of a casement window has been updated to cater to the needs of modern day living; however, this doesn’t mean that your window has to stick to the classic aesthetics. Choose from a cast colour range to find the perfect match for your London property.

A bright and bold colour will make you stand out from the crowd and be the focal point to the exterior of your home. Alternatively, a muted or more subdued colour will effortlessly employ style and elegance.

We also offer a range of finishes so that your Liniar uPVC casement windows are entirely individual to you and your home.

Finally, choose from a vast selection of hardware options that are guaranteed to blend your windows with your current aesthetic effortlessly.

Arkay Windows have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a variety of products to suit all customers – commercial and residential alike. For us, there is no project too big or too small that we won’t tackle so you can rely on us for quality manufacturing and supplying your beautiful Liniar casement windows.

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Home Security With uPVC Casement Windows

Not only do Liniar windows offer exceptional elegance, but they also provide incredible security for the safety of your family and your possessions. Our extensive knowledge of constructing and manufacturing windows means that we can ensure that our design helps keep you safe in your home.

UPVC casement windows are installed with a sophisticated locking mechanism and hinge protection that is tested and accredited by Secured By Design – an initiative run by the UK police to maximise security and lower crime rates.

We are a member of the Glass & Glazing Federation which you can rest assured knowing that we take care and responsibility when designing and constructing not only Liniar casement windows but all the other products that we have on offer.

We here at Arkay Windows strive for excellence above all else. Our casement windows are made from high-quality uPVC, with incredible locking technology so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in your home. We manufacture and supply across the UK and work closely with Europe’s most prominent brands – such as Liniar – to offer our customers the best quality on the market.

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Are you looking for a new uPVC Window supplier in the UK? Situated in London, we can offer nationwide deliveries for Liniar casement windows. We also offer homeowners free quotation services with our network of UK installers. Contact us today for more information.

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Thermally Efficient Windows By Liniar

The consistent worry with traditional or classically designed windows is the lack of insulation. Thermal efficiency is a top priority when we construct our uPVC casement windows. It is possible to completely lower energy bills, save money and even reduce your carbon footprint when you have Liniar casement windows installed into your property.

Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, you can fully reap the benefits of having thermally efficient uPVC windows. Choose between288mm double glazing or 36mm/40mm triple glazing options and effortlessly insulate your home.

Multi-chambered technology also stops heat from escaping. Maximise natural light while improving and uncompromising on your home’s thermal efficiency. Reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint by opting for our Liniar uPVC casement windows.

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Energy Efficiency

Are uPVC Casement Windows Secure?

Due to their construction of robust materials and multipoint locking systems, our Liniar uPVC windows are completely secure leaving you with peace of mind and a safe and secure home.

Can I Design My Liniar Window?

You will have full control over the style, design, colour, finish and hardware options that come with your new Liniar windows as we manufacture these premium uPVC profiles at our London manufacturing facility.

Will My Windows Be Energy Efficient?

Yes, all our products work to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Our Liniar uPVC casement windows are a worthwhile investment saving you money in the long run.

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