Watford homeowners are coming to us for their aluminium folding doors because of their sleek design. They know that when these doors are installed their house will turn into a contemporary space.

Our aluminium folding doors will enhance the view from your Watford home and will seamlessly connect the outside to the inside. They are also boast amazing performance levels and have a design that will suit any style of architectural style of Watford property. The combination of these two benefits have encouraged many homeowners to have them installed.

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Give your Watford home aesthetic appeal

The InfiniGLIDE 3 is an incredibly popular aluminium folding door in Watford, thanks to both its design and performance. It has a 20mm sightline and an exceptional finish, this aluminium folding door is the best way to give your home in Watford extra kerbside appeal. It has ultra slim sight lines and expansive glazed panels, that give your home or commercial property in Watford a truly modern appearance, plus another benefit is that on a sunny day, the sunlight floods in. These doors give your home an optical illusion of appearing larger.

This aluminium folding door is expertly designed, which gives you a beautiful looking door that also performs brilliantly. We carry out thorough testing processes on our aluminium folding doors so every Watford client we install them for can rest assured that they are reaching the best quality aluminium folding doors as possible. The doors are hardwearing, long-lasting and incredibly secure, installing the InfiniGLIDE 3 into your Watford home is one of the best decision you can make.

These aluminium folding doors are completely versatile, so these slimline doors can customised to suit your personal taste. This includes reflecting the architectural style of your Watford property, the colour, finish, sizing and number of doors can be adjusted. Whether you want 1-6 sliding panels or want 1-3 rails, you can custom design each door to suit the property requirements.


If you would like to know more about our aluminum folding doors in Watford and see them in action, then take a look at our video below. See how they elegantly glide, whilst providing exceptional benefits for your Watfordproperty.

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Minimal Sightlines Combined With Excellent Performance

Watford residents who want a minimalist aluminium folding door choose the InfiniGLIDE 6 , as not only does it look beautiful they perform brilliantly. They give you the opportunity for seamless views over your Watford garden and beyond. They have really slim sightlines and a contemporary design, so it is not surprising that these doors are proving to be so popular in Watford.

The aluminium folding doors can also help reduce your energy bills as they have been designed to keep the heat inside your Watford home. This means increased thermal efficiency, which in turn means you use less energy, which translates into lower energy bills. These aluminium folding doors are an incredibly cost-effective solution to home improvement. They have been designed to keep the heat in and the moisture out of your Watford house.

The aluminium folding doors in Watford are versatile in their design, so they can be used in any room in your home, especially as their exquisite design makes them a brilliant entry and exit point. Performance is exceptional thanks to the frames aluminium glass, so folding is easy and stress free. When they are closed, thanks to the modern locking systems they add an extra level of security to your home.

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Versatile Aluminium Folding Doors

Transform your Watford home with the EdgeGLIDE aluminium folding door, instantly your home will gain extra kerbside appeal. These aluminium folding doors are incredibly versatile, so whatever the style of your home, these doors once installed will look incredible, as they blend with your property’s architectural style. The frame is minimal, the glazing modern, so whether your Watford house in traditional, period or modern, you will be making the right decision. The EdgeGLIDE aluminium folding door has an effortless design about it, so will automatically create a sleek modern space, whether it be home or business. 

These aluminium folding doors have been designed to keep the heat in and the cold out, by forming a thermal bridge. This means that when Watford residents install them they can expect their energy bills to reduce as they will be consuming less energy to keep their home warm. Our  aluminium folding doors in use premium grade aluminium, making them incredibly robust in their structure. This ensures exceptional durability, leaving you with doors that can be enjoyed for several years.



Are Folding Doors in Watford Affordable?

The slimline aluminium folding doors we supply are designed with you and your clients in mind. Depending on what is required for the design of the glazed doors, the cost will vary. We have an online quoting engine that will give you an instant and personalised quote for your bespoke aluminium folding doors in Watford.

What Sizes Are Folding Doors Available In?

Our range of doors are available in a variety of sizes but usually come with a standard height of around 80 inches. If a specific look is required, then we do have the option of floor to ceiling glazing that reaches as tall as 6 metres. Whether a property is large or small in its size, Arkay aluminium folding doors can be tailored to suit any space.

How Robust Are Folding Doors?

All of our aluminium folding doors in Watford are manufactured using premium grade aluminium. The inherently robust material is durable and secure in its design; providing excellent performance benefits. They have been built to last and will stand the test of time giving you or your clients several years of service.

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