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Our Edge Glide sliding doors in our Buckinghamshire homes provide stunning minimalistic and versatile aesthetics that will instantly transform any home into a contemporary and classy living space.

At Arkay windows, you can choose the entirety of your sliding door design, allowing you to receive a completely bespoke appearance, unique to just you and your property. Our Edge Glide sliding doors combine the highest quality practicality and classy designs which offer effortless traditions between your interior and exterior.

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With expertly crafted and engineered techniques, the Edge Glide sliding door is an incredibly robust and successful home improvement solution which provides stunning aesthetics for your property. With a versatile design and sleek appearance, its sleek inline aluminium profile makes this specific design original and different. Although, considering your unique preferences, we will seamlessly blend your new Edge Glide sliding doors to your current Buckinghamshire home design to ensure that you are receiving a constant appearance throughout your property. Whatever your current design looks like, you can enjoy a home improvement solution which provides minimal frames and modern glazing simultaneously! Create a long lasting impression with your new Edge Glide sliding doors by contacting our friendly team today!

Our Edge Glide sliding door design is perfect for both commercial and residential buildings in the Buckinghamshire area. The flexibility of the aluminium material creates a completely versatile product; the functional ability of the doors enable them to brighten and air out any room in your property whilst bringing in more sunlight. Its modern appearance and its versatility can be used as a transparent wall to make your Buckinghamshire living area more spacious and open.

The aluminium material within the Edge Glide sliding door is created with incredible thermal bridges to prevent any moisture from getting out, whilst retaining an incredible amount of heat – avoiding any potential draughts from seeping in. This feature, combined with the modern square appearance of the slimline doors makes them highly efficient and of top quality. You will reduce the overall cost of your energy bills due to its retaining ability and strong material. With premium grade material, your doors will be strong than typical makes – you will be gaining a product that really can do it all.

Are you looking to update your doors?  Contact Arkay Windows today and we can begin discussing your dream aesthetic that works alongside your current Buckinghamshire home.


If you would like to know more about our stunning Edge Glide sliding doors in Buckinghamshire and see them in action, then take a look at our video below. See how they elegantly glide, whilst providing exceptional benefits for your Buckinghamshire property.

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Our Edge Glide sliding doors retain heat to an incredible level with ultra slim 35mm interlocks, 70mm frame depth and a transparent screen for easy replacement. One of the main focuses for any property is making sure that any strong weather conditions are kept out, whilst keeping the warm air in. Its thermal bridge acts as a trap, and holds onto any source of heat without relying on your central heating. Due to this, you will be saving more money every year on your energy bills! Our Edge Glide sliding doors are so efficient that they can produce U-values as low as 1.5W/m3K.

At Arkay Windows, our Edge Glide sliding doors are all compliant with the upcoming Building Regulation Park L updates in 2022 to make sure that all our valued Buckinghamshire customers are getting the most up to date and reliable service possible. Using its thermal bridge feature, your home will be able to benefit from exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. The Edge Glide sliding door can prevent any excess moisture and dampness from affecting your home. We pay extra tension to keeping your property dry from any strong weather conditions.

We are all aware that the British weather is unpredictable, and at Arkay Windows we want to prepare your sliding doors for any potential strong weather. Crafted with weatherproofing features that have achieved class 3 in air permeability, class c5 in wind resistance and class 7A in water tightness, you can be confident that your Buckinghamshire property is keeping you and your loved ones safe every single day.

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Combining both quality and colour matched hardware, Arkay Windows has come up with elegant designs that offers various configuration options so that valued customers get the perfect Edge Glide sliding doors, every time. Our external sliding doors provide reliable home security systems without compromising on style or thermal performance. Additionally, the use of double glazing enables our doors to protect your home against the very worst of the British weather.

All our doors can be catered to withstand excessive physical force through strong and durable frames. You and your loved ones can live in your Buckinghamshire property completely stress free without any potential break ins.

At Arkay Windows, we offer all our valued customers with the very best service and products. We strive in providing you with the highest quality Edge Glide sliding door; with a sleek and effortless design, a thermally insulated frame and an inbuilt security system, we are confident that your investments will perform well for many decades to come.

To get more information of our range of Edge Glide sliding doors, get in touch with a friendly member of our team today and we can begin discussing your ideas for a brand new home improvement solution with Arkay Windows.



Are Sliding Doors in Buckinghamshire Affordable?

The slimline sliding doors we supply are designed with you and your clients in mind. Depending on what is required for the design of the glazed doors, the cost will vary. We have an online quoting engine that will give you an instant and personalised quote for your bespoke sliding patio doors in Buckinghamshire.

What Sizes Are Sliding Doors Available In?

Our range of doors are available in a variety of sizes but usually come with a standard height of around 80 inches. If a specific look is required, then we do have the option of floor to ceiling glazing that reaches as tall as 6 metres. Whether a property is large or small in its size, Arkay slimline sliding doors can be tailored to suit any space.

How Robust Are Sliding Doors?

All of our sliding doors in Buckinghamshire are manufactured using premium grade aluminium. The inherently robust material is durable and secure in its design; providing excellent performance benefits. They have been built to last and will stand the test of time giving you or your clients several years of service.

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