AluK 58BW ST Windows Installation by Kalglass

Working within the trade industry, we provide stunning aluminium windows to trade customers all over the UK. Our most recent case study showcases our high quality AluK 58BW ST aluminium windows being installed into a heritage property in Clapham. The installation was completed by Kalglass, a double glazing company who specialises in windows, doors and conservatory home improvements.

Case Study: AluK 58BW ST Windows Installation

Case Study: AluK 58BW ST Windows Installation

By having the steel windows installed, the property can benefit from exceptional performance and modern aesthetics. The heritage style building in Clapham needed a modern update, but without taking away its characteristic charm. The modern aluminium windows from AluK offer slim sightlines, allowing for larger glazed windows, creating a beautifully bright interior for the building.

To further enhance the period charm of the property, decorative astragal bars have been incorporated into the design. As well as this, the windows are coloured black to coincide with the rest of the buildings aesthetic, matching the architecture perfectly.

There are many reasons why the AluK aluminium windows are the ideal window replacement. They offer a wealth of unique benefits that will greatly improve the functionality of any property. The improved design offers impressive U-values of 1.4 W/m²K with double glazing and 1.2 W/m²K with triple glazing. This provides exceptional thermal efficiency that will help reduce the amount of energy consumed and the costs of future energy bills. Overall, the AluK 58BW ST has a B-C Window Energy Rating.

AluK 58BW ST Steel Windows

AluK 58BW ST Steel Windows

Not only are they incredibly efficient, but the aluminium profile of the AluK 58BW ST windows ensures that the property will benefit from enhanced security and durability. The robust frame is able to withstand a range of harsher weather conditions, meaning the aluminium windows in Clapham won’t need to be repaired or replaced for several years.

Additionally, the AluK steel replacement windows are fitted with multi point locking systems that will significantly improve the security. This will help deter intruders from getting into the building, keeping the contents of the property safe and secure year after year.

The modern design of the AluK 58BW ST windows means they can be easily installed into a wide range of properties. Kalglass did a great job of installing the new aluminium windows to this heritage building in Clapham. If you’ve felt inspired and would like to know how you can become a local Arkay installer, then get in touch with Arkay today.

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