Are Bifold Doors Energy Efficient?

As the cost of living and energy prices continue to rise in the UK, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their heating bills. At Arkay Windows, we invest in home improvement solutions that improve the performance and efficiency of any residential or commercial property they are installed in. We assure you that the functionality and aesthetics of your home will be fully in your control.

Our stunning range of bifold doors is expertly designed to add a touch of elegance and improve the thermal comfort of your property. We offer effortlessly slim UniFOLD doors, ALUK BSF70 HI bifold doors, ALUK LUMINIA F82+ bifold doors, and Schüco’s ASS 70 FD bifold doors. We provide a wide range of customisation options within each model, including double and triple glazing, sizes, security locks and handles. 

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UniFOLD Doors

If you are looking to enjoy clear and beautiful views of your garden or patio, our UniFOLD doors with just 120mm glass to glass sightline offer large scale glazing opportunities. The smooth mechanism allows these super sturdy doors to glide across effortlessly and create seamless transitions to the outdoors. 

For maximum thermal efficiency, you can choose triple glazing, which uses three strong glass panes separated by a small vacuum in between making, allowing to trap the warm air inside and keep the cold air out. We are proud to offer these high performing profiles that can achieve U-values from 1.4 W/(m2K) and are class 4 air permeability, indicating these doors have been tested under high pressure. 

UniFOLD bifold doors will keep your home protected against harsh weather conditions. They are incredibly secure, watertight, airtight, and fully integrated with a multipoint locking mechanism.

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ALUK Bifold Doors

Our ALUK BSF70 HI and ALUK LUMINIA F82+ bifold door models perfectly combine design and functionality. Aluminium is an inherently strong and robust material lending structural integrity to the architecture and protects your home from harsh weather conditions. With triple glazing, ALUK BSF70 HI bifold doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.1 W/(m2K), bringing warmth and comfort to your home. 

The Class 4 air permeability, Class 5 wind resistance, and Class 9A water tightness indicate that these bifold doors have been thoroughly tested to ensure protection from natural elements. As the cold draught and rain will not enter your home and the heat retention designs of our bifold doors will ensure there is no loss of warm air, you will see a reduction in your energy consumption.

Furthermore, our ALUK BSF70 HI bifold doors are accredited by PAS:24 and Secured by Design, making them a secure and reliable option for your home. 

ALUK Luminia F82 bifold door

Schüco’s ASS 70 FD Bifold Doors

At Arkay, we offer both the Schüco ASS 70 FD bifold door and the new Schüco ASS 70 FD HD systems integrated with thermally insulated panes creating a transparent effect. These excellent bifold doors can be installed in residential or commercial properties to improve the energy efficiency of the building. 

Schuco bifold doors can achieve U-values from 1.4 W/(m2K), bringing in warmth and cosiness. Available in a wide variety of colours and flush threshold profiles, our bifold doors will open up your space and create a bright and comfortable atmosphere all around. 

Energy Efficient Bifold Doors by Arkay 

At Arkay Windows, we aim to bring innovative solutions to our residential and commercial property owners. Over 45 years of experience, we have cultivated trust and quality relationships supplying high quality and energy efficient solutions.

Each model of our bifold door offers different features and benefits, but each of them is incredibly thermally efficient. You can get an estimate today by using our online quoting engine

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