3 Types of Must Have Casement Windows

Casement windows refer to hinged windows that have a sash that entirely opens and swings outwardly either to the right or left side. The sash locks against the frame when closed thereby creating an airtight window. You can open the window either towards the interior or exterior of your building easily by turning the handles. Although there are no set designated places of installing this window in your home, most people prefer installing it over appliances, sinks or countertops.

What Do These Windows Provide?

The windows provide an entirely unobstructed wide view and a perfect suit for those living in beautiful geographic sites. The window also offers excellent ventilation and natural lighting thanks to its ability to open entirely sideways and from top to bottom.
Casement window also provides the much-required energy efficiency in a room and is regarded as the second most energy-efficient window. Fixed-pane windows remain the most energy-efficient window on the market. The sash prevents air leakage and entry by pressing against the frame when closed, creating an airtight seal.

Why are Casement Windows Popular?

There is an increased popularity of these windows in the modern world. Most homeowners attribute this popularity to the window’s elegant style, energy efficiency, versatility and a great visual appeal.

The 3 Types of Casement Windows.

The casement windows come in three different types, although they all exhibit the same components. Choice of one over the other lies on your preference, costs, climate and your house design.

Types of casement windows include:

1. Single Frame Casement Windows.

The window takes the basic style of a casement window and comprises a single frame. Within this frame, you will find panels of glass better known as the lights.

The lights open either inwardly or outwardly depending on the design used in mounting the window. Wooden strips separate the lights.


1. Durability. Single frame casement windows last long because of the connection of its frame at the sides by hinges. Therefore, this window provides value for your money.

2. The window provides superior ventilation due to its ability to open inwardly or outwardly widely.

3. It is quite affordable to install the single frame casement windows compared to other types of casement windows.

2. French Casement Windows

French casement window also known as the double casement window comprise two windows hinged on both sides. The two windows swing out and meet at the centre creating such an elegant look to your home. 

The windows operate just like French doors. Therefore, if you already have French doors, you should consider this window to bring out symmetrical feature in your house.
However, the cost of installing French casement windows is slightly higher than that of a single frame casement window.


1. French casement windows are low maintenance especially due to the easy to clean hinges.

2. French casement windows bring out a large space since its sash can open fully to a 90 degrees hinge angle. The full opening also lets in more light and acts as an emergency exit route in case of fire outbreaks.

3. The window facilitates controlled ventilation since one can open the master sash independently from the slave sash.

4. The window offers an entirely unrestricted view when opened fully.

3. Push-out casement windows.

This type of window incorporates single and double styles of a casement window. Unlike other kinds of casement windows, push-out casement window operates using a handle rather than a crank. The handle moves swiftly between the turn, tilt and lock positions thus facilitating easy opening of the window.

The window also features a multi-point locking system that facilitates smooth operation of the window while enhancing proper window security even when tilted open. A push-out casement window is the least popular casement window.


1. It can be securely locked even when tilted open.

2. Push-out casement windows not only tilt in for superior ventilation but can also open entirely to facilitate full air circulation.

3. This window has minimal hardware thus keeping a tidy, uncluttered appeal.

4. The window appears with an architectural style thanks to its classic lines.

5. Push-out casement windows can be opened inwardly thus ensuring smooth cleaning process from the interior.

6. Unmatched durability even in windy and wet weather.

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