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As sliding door manufacturers at Arkay Windows, we provide market leading aluminium sliding doors using the highest quality materials.

If you're looking for the perfect sliding door for your property, trust Arkay Windows. A renowned manufacturer based in Hampshire, Arkay offers the highest quality aluminium sliding doors for tradespeople across London, Hampshire and beyond. Choose from four different styles in our inline and slimline range, from sleek, sophisticated looks that are perfect for residential use to more robust options designed with commercial properties in mind. For a sliding door manufacturer you can trust, look no further than Arkay Windows.

Do you want Arkay Windows to be your sliding door manufacturer in Hampshire? It’s easy to get started. Request a quote with us today or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. It only takes a few minutes.

Aluminium Sliding Doors, Hampshire

Frame your view with Arkay’s range of invisible aluminium U-Profile frames.

Are you searching for a sliding door manufacturer to provide reliable solutions that meet the needs of your project stakeholders? Look to Arkay Windows - our comprehensive offering of sliding door solutions are tailored to serve each client's individual requirements. Trust in Arkay Windows for all your sliding door needs in Hampshire. Sliding doors offer a unique and personalised door solution, with a range of luxury colour options and woodgrain finishes available. Their space-saving design is ideal for both small and large properties, as it eliminates the need for swing space. Arkay is the perfect choice for your sliding door manufacturer needs in Hampshire, as we tailor our services according to the specific needs of each customer.


The InfiniGLIDE sliding door, manufactured by Arkay Windows, is the perfect addition to your home. This profile has been carefully designed to provide slim sightlines, stylish accents, strong frames, and neat perimeter sash designs that combine into a sophisticated look. With this exquisite door, provided by the high quality sliding door manufacturers at Arkay, you can transform any home into a work of art!

If you’re looking for the perfect door option to watch the stunning sunsets and star-filled nights in Hampshire, then the InfiniGLIDE6 is the ideal choice. This impressive door has a discreet design that fits easily with indoor and outdoor settings, and its panels can be made to measure up to 3m wide x 6.5m high.

The InfiniGLIDE Sliding Doors combine a stylish, slim profile with energy-saving thermal efficiency technology. Our sophisticated interlock, made with durable materials, creates an impenetrable barrier and ensures maximum energy conservation by sealing out moisture and trapping heat. These doors not only look great, they also offer total protection, and are built to provide lasting security and reliability. When you trust Arkay as your sliding door manufacturer in Hampshire, you’re sure to get a door solution any customer can trust.

The InfiniGLIDE3 from InfiniGLIDE is becoming increasingly popular in large homes, luxury clubs, luxurious spas, and main pool areas. What makes this product a cut above the rest is its customizable frames that can be expertly tailored to suit any décor. The InfiniGLIDE3 is sure to fulfil the requirements of any commercial space.

For your projects located in Hampshire, choose Arkay Windows as your sliding door manufacturer. Our product selection boasts excellent quality and stunning designs that are perfect for any business.

EDGEGLIDE Click To Learn More

At Arkay, we are proud to offer premium sliding door options with our GLIDE line. Our fashionable EdgeGLIDE aluminium doors boast a sleek design of thin glass panels, paired with colour-matched hardware, providing a stylish and sophisticated finish to Hampshire homes. With the EdgeGLIDE joining our InfiniGLIDE range, customers continue to benefit from our reliable craftsmanship and modern design.

For any application, residential or commercial, traditional or modern, Arkay Windows’ EdgeGLIDE product should be trusted as the perfect solution. Boasting a wide range of configuration options as well as colour-matched aluminium hardware, customers will appreciate the bespoke range of doors that this sliding door manufacturer has to offer. Every individual build is proof of the care and attention that the team at Arkay Windows provide.Trust Arkay Windows as your sliding door manufacturer today.

EdgeGLIDE doors are the perfect option if you want to maintain the temperature in your home while using less energy. Their superior resistance to moisture and humidity helps to keep the heat in, and their long-lasting durability makes them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Contact us today to discuss our range of sliding doors, and to make Arkay your new sliding door manufacturer in Hampshire.


For an in-depth look at our sliding door manufacturing process, check out this video below.

SCHÜCO Ass 50 Click To Learn More

By working with Schüco, we give our customers assurance that they are getting a sliding door of the highest thermal performance available. The ASS 50 series of sliding doors have a U-Value as low as 1.6 W/m2K and the highest water tightness rating of class 9A. Plus, their ultra-slim interlock ensures that cold air and moisture stay out, while locking in heat for longer.

We make sure that our Schüco ASS sliding doors are both easy to install and incredibly durable, offering superior security. The modest e-slide drive system makes it effortless for them to open, shut, and lock. To ensure further safety, we reinforce the strong aluminium material they’re constructed from with additional security measures, for added peace of mind.

When it comes to creating a modern, customised entrance, look no further than Arkay Windows and the Schüco ASS 50 aluminium doors. With their slim sightlines and extensive ability to be personalised, these sliding doors ensure a truly remarkable entrance to any home or business. Get in touch with us today to find out more and make Arkay your sliding door manufacturers of choice.

ALUK BSC94 Click To Learn More

AluK’s BSC94 sliding doors give you the best of both worlds, combining great looks with exceptional thermal performance. Offering U-values of 1.5W/m2K when combined with triple glazing, as well as a range of single, dual, and triple track configurations, these doors have narrow sightlines measuring only 45mm. They provide an ideal balance between style and practicality.

Our sliding doors, with their minimal yet strong hardware, provide an elegant and sturdy look which perfectly suits the exteriors of Hampshire-based homes. Trade customers have access to over 200 rich and weather-resistant RAL colour powder-coatings for personalising their aluminium doors, ensuring that their colour will remain vibrant for many years to come.

The AluK BSC94 range of doors provides numerous choices, with options such as in-line, lift-and-slide, and thermal configurations along with extra safety elements.

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Are Aluminium Sliding Doors From Arkay Secure?

At Arkay, we take pride in producing sliding doors of the highest quality from premium-grade aluminium. Aluminium offers superior durability and strength when compared to steel and uPVC, ensuring security and reliability that will protect your client’s homes for years to come.

Are Sliding Doors Energy-Efficient?

With their modern design, our sliding doors offer thermal efficiency when fitted with an aluminium frame plus either double or triple glazing. This will ensure that your customers can keep their homes warm naturally during the winter months, potentially resulting in lower energy bills.

Are There Any Additional Safety Hardware In Your Sliding Doors?

Our sliding door range has been tested rigorously and fitted with cutting-edge multi-point locking mechanisms. We have used the most up-to-date security hardware in constructing our aluminium sliding doors, providing the assurance of safety and protection for your customer’s home or business.

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