Schüco Folding Sliding System AS FD 75

A strong and sturdy sliding door renowned for its robust and durable construction.

The Schüco AS FD 75 folding sliding door stands out with its stunning extra slim width and flush fitted outer and vent frames. It is also incredibly secure with a variety of opening and locking types that can be incorporated into its design, keeping you safe and secure in your property. The Schüco folding doors Watford system is more secure, meeting burglar resistance class RC2.

  • Burglar resistant up to RC2
  • Opening width panel up to 1,500mm
  • Generous clearance heights of up to 3,500mm
  • Max leaf weight 150KG
Schuco AS FD 75 Sliding Doors Watford


SECURITY RC2/PAS 24 Approved


MAXIMUM LENGTH 3000 – 3500 mm


U-VALUE From 1.1 W/m²K
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The Schüco Sliding Door System Offers a High Quality Performance

Schüco sliding doors are manufactured with minimal effort and require little force to open and close. The Schüco sliding door system operates silently – the doors are made with high quality rollers which guide the Schüco doors securely at the top and bottom of your Watford home.

Schüco sliding doors are easy to install because the they have various threshold types, including a flat threshold with an incredible rollover capacity, making the Schüco folding sliding door system adaptable to a wide range of installation scenarios in any Watford property.

Because of the design concept of two continuous gasket levels, these Schuco folding doors have a better seal. These provide improved watertightness and air permeability in all Watford residential and commercial buildings.

Other products have zero tolerance for installation, but these sliding doors are designed and manufactured so that we can offer assistance with installation. We will ensure that your Watford doors fit perfectly and last for many years.

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Key Features:

  • The Schüco AS FD 75 sliding door stands out with its extremely slim width and flush fitted vent frames.
  • Individual designs are possible with maximum planning due to a comprehensive selection of opening and locking types.
  • The adaptability is enhanced by three different threshold types, including a flat threshold with high rollover capacity.
  • A side hung door is available as an option, and an integrated magnetic retaining catch ensures secure opening and closing of the folding sliding door.
  • The system is now more secure, having achieved burglar resistance class RC 2.
  • For all opening types, the improved sealing concept with two continuous gasket levels provides greater watertightness and air permeability values.

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Schüco AS FD 75 Advantages:

  • Corner and T-cleats can be screwed on, making installation of the outer frame simple and quiet.
  • Massive stainless steel tracks and rollers ensure a smooth operation of the vents.
  • The system is lightweight and takes up little space, allowing for rapid completion.
  • The top outer frame protects the guide carriers from becoming detached.
  • Sash frame profiles have two profile width options.

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Vent Types
Adaptable and Quiet
High Quality

Does the Schüco Sliding Door AS FD 75 have a variety of vent options?

Yes! Every type of folding sliding door opening can be classified into one of three basic vent types.

With a few exceptions, the insert profiles typical of folding sliding door systems for constructing vertical and horizontal stops are integrated in the vent frame profiles.

There are two vent profile widths available: 41 mm for a minimum face width of 90 mm with reduced glass edge cover and 15 mm glazing bead, or 48 mm for a maximum face width of 104 mm with regular glass edge cover and 22 mm glazing bead.

Is the Schüco Door AS FD 75 adaptable?


  • Profiles of adjustment
  • A more tolerable guide carrier that is secured against removal
  • Reinforced outer frame profiles

Low Maintenance and Quiet:

  • Brand new roller carriage and sturdy tracks
  • 2 gasket profiles with 4 drainage levels
  • There are no gaskets in the outer frame.
  • Additional locking options

Is the Schüco Door AS FD 75 high quality?

Absolutely. The Schuco sliding door system is part of our premium range, with a high end design, high quality materials, and eye catching, stunning aesthetics.

Schüco offers extremely narrow face widths of 90 mm for a thermally broken folding sliding door system. The innovative, space saving vent frame concept, involves positioning the shoot bolt and gearbox in the centre of the vent joint, allowing a 90 mm narrow face width.

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