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Arkay Windows came together with the renowned aluminium system company AluK to successfully complete a stunning, £77 million development in London housing with an incredible 4600m2 of glazing installation.

This Canada Street project upgraded their windows and doors for contemporary student residences that reached up to ten stories tall, as well as affordable housing, retail, and medical facilities. So this was not a simple installation; to see the products we used, read below!

Why AluK?

This project not only demonstrates our exceptional craftsmanship but also the adaptability of our slim sightline, thermally efficient products. Arkay Windows and AluK have shown through our successful partnership how easily the C70S window system can be incorporated into a project, in this case being featured alongside the 77ID system residential doors and GT55TB commercial entrance doors. A stunning 4600m2 total area makes up the completed Canada Street project which was all produced in aluminium by ourselves at Arkay Windows.

Product Breakdown:

C70S Window System

At Arkay Windows, we manufacture and supply window and door systems for home and commercial projects across the UK. With AluK’s support, we were thrilled to be involved in the first extensive installation of the effective C70S 70mm window system. Due to the high intensity and circumstances for this project, we needed a qualitative and modern aluminium product – the C70S window. The C70S offers excellent U-values and narrow sightlines, which was perfect for this Canada Street project.

77ID Door System

The highest performing door available from AluK, the 77ID fully rebated door, is perfect for construction and renovation projects on both high rise and low rise buildings. The system has been specifically created to satisfy the strictest thermal, weathering, and security performance requirements in the UK.

GT55TB Commercial Door 

A variety of heavy duty commercial and public sector applications, such as offices, hospitals, schools, and multi residential buildings, are perfect for the GT55TB commercial entrance door.

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