3 Benefits of WarmCore Windows

Since the buy out of Synseal, we no longer offer WarmCore window options.

There were many reasons why WarmCore windows were the perfect choice for any modern window replacement in Watford, London and the UK.

These window products were some of the finest examples of double glazing back in the day. As one of London and the UK's most respected primary fabricators, we only work with the best profiles so we can offer you a variety of systems that exceed the performance that WarmCore windows once offered.

Manufactured at our state of the art facility in London, our window ranges offer incredible thermal capabilities, maximised home security and a variety of other benefits. All of this is delivered within a stunningly beautiful profile that will impress homeowners and visitors alike. In addition, they also offer a "warm core".

Reach out to us now or read on to find out about the benefits of WarmCore Windows and what products we can now offer in replacement. 

1. Highly Customisable Warm Core Windows

1. Highly Customisable Warm Core Windows

We provide a lengthy list of customisation options for you to personalise our windows with, just as we did the WarmCore window range. Built to offer an aesthetic taste that doesn’t compromise on performance, our stunning aluminium products are available in three distinct styles, namely in the form of tilt and turn windows, standard casement designs and flush sash profiles.

The unique window systems that we manufacture using AluK and Schuco profiles allows us to provide a dual-colour finish option, as well as a host of colours overall that will blend in perfectly with any property style. This means that our alternative to WarmCore windows will look just as great in both traditional and modern properties alike. A modern, beaded glazing method is also utilised in the fabrication process.

2. Superior Thermal Performance

2. Superior Thermal Performance

WarmCore windows were designed to impress with their energy efficient characteristics. In fact, this profile was built from the ground up to keep homes warm with a dedicated thermal core which outclasses competing polyamide thermal breaks. Fully-concealed within the frame, this multi-chambered piece of engineering increases thermal performance by up to 25%.

The results were astounding, and you could benefit from low U-values by choosing the fantastic WarmCore windows profile. Other profile systems we offer, such as the Schuco AWS 70 HI, offers competitive U-Values from 1.2 W/m²K

Similarly, you can expect excellent Window Energy Rating from our window range meaning our aluminium window range can help reduce heating bills.

3. Maximum Strength and Security

3. Maximum Strength and Security

One of the most important aspects of any home improvement window replacement is the security that it brings to the rest of the property. WarmCore windows maximised this with a PAS 24-secured construction. The thermal core offered incredible structural strength, and this was bolstered with a high-quality aluminium outer profile which adds integrity to the frame itself.

Other aluminium window systems we offer that pass PAS 24 include our AluK flush window, AluK Casement Window and steel replacement window alongside our full Schuco range.

WarmCore Windows were protected with the high-tech locking mechanisms that will keep out intruders in any given circumstance. All of our windows offer paralleled security, including or slimline frames. For more information, check our the Schuco window options such as the slimline AWS 70 sc and AWS 70 hi.

An Alternative to WarmCore Windows from Arkay Windows

An Alternative to WarmCore Windows from Arkay Windows

When choosing windows from Arkay Windows to replace the WarmCore window range, you benefit from the best of British manufacturing. The sheer quality of our products has resulted in us earning our status as a member of the Glass & Glazing Federation. This easily sets us apart from competing fabricators.

The very fact that we’re able to work with such a superior aluminium window range is a testament to our reputation. We’re also a FENSA accredited business, which means that we regularly meet and surpass the strict quality regulations put in place by this monitoring body.

By picking Arkay as your UK window supplier and manufacturer, you stand to work with one of the industry’s leading names.

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