10 Benefits of Sliding Doors

Our stunning EdgeGLIDE+® door includes a range of market-leading features designed to deliver the ultimate sliding entrance. Our sliding doors effortlessly produce beautiful sightlines and we can design them to match your home’s shape, style and decorative scheme. The thermally efficient design of our sliding doors give them a distinct edge over other products available on the market. You’ll also notice how your new installation lets in more light and makes your property feel spacious. To find out more about the benefits of sliding patio doors and our EdgeGlide+® doors, read on!

1. Patio Doors That Produce Exquisite Sightlines

Style is an important factor for customers looking online for sliding patio doors. Our EdgeGLIDE+® door responds to this requirement with its incredible 35mm sightline. Whichever angle you view your new doors from, they’ll look incredible.

The finer sightlines that come as standard with our EdgeGlide® sliding doors add measurable market value to any home in London. If and when the time comes to sell your property, prospective buyers will be greeted in style and feel more inclined to look around.

2. Solid Aluminium Construction That’s Long Lasting

The EdgeGLIDE+® isn’t just stylish. It is an extremely strong sliding door that owns the capacity to stand up to harsh weather conditions without breaking. Wind and rain won’t cause your product to fail; nor will the weather be able to find its way into your home.

Another benefit of aluminium sliding doors is evident in their low frame to glass ratio. The EdgeGLIDE+® is a predominantly glass based system that will let more light into your London home and reward you with clear views of your garden throughout the year.

3. Personalise Your Design With Colour Matching Hardware

The EdgeGLIDE+® looks stunning in its natural form. But you can also create a style that’s uniquely yours by colour matching your hardware to suit your home environment. Our patio doors will ensure your property in London stands out above others.

Colour matching your hardware will be easy when you speak to the Arkay team. Our expert advisors will be able to tell you how to make a truly visual impact with your new aluminium sliding doors. Get in contact with us today for advice and a free quote.

4. Make Your Home in London Warmer with the EdgeGLIDE®

The EdgeGLIDE+® offers more than just market-leading style. It is equipped with technology designed to maximise thermal efficiency in your home, too. Throughout each year, you’ll be able to enjoy a space that’s built for relaxing or entertaining guests.

The thermal barrier created by your sliding doors will benefit you in other ways. Your EdgeGLIDE+® will stop unwanted heat loss from occurring. This will, in turn, help reduce your energy costs and make your property in London more cost efficient.

5. Secure Your Home

Stopping intruders from accessing your home in London is your priority. The EdgeGLIDE+® is made from strong aluminium that will be able to withstand hard impacts. Additionally, the locks and hinges in your sliding doors will be almost completely lock- and snap-proof.

The security hardware in our sliding patio doors makes them the first choice for security conscious customers throughout London.

6. Make More Efficient Use of Your Interior Space

Many door styles open inward, which means they intrude into a home’s internal space. This means that objects or furniture have to be placed outside of the door’s opening circle – which can be a problem if space in your London home is limited.

Our sliding doors operate vertically along a dedicated track and do not open inwards. This makes them an even better investment than bi-fold doors, which work in a similar fashion – but overlap into the interior space of a home because of their concertina design.

7. An Environmentally Friendly Choice for Your Home

During the colder seasons, your installation will preserve heat. This will contribute toward the creation of a lower carbon footprint. Make the environmentally friendly choice by choosing the EdgeGLIDE+®. Find out more by calling us today.

More Benefits of the EdgeGLIDE® Patio Door System

8. Modern and elegant in the design, meaning it can be built to suit contemporary and traditional tastes throughout London.

9. This patio door system is built using a low threshold of just 48mm, which means everyone will be able to access your London home.

10. Sound insulated glass and profiles – ideal for properties located in busy areas, such as London, as it can cancel out almost any ambient noises from outside.

Patio Door Prices, London

Patio Door Prices, London

Discover the full benefits of the EdgeGLIDE+® system. Call or email the Arkay Windows team today or request a free quote.

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