3 Questions You Should Ask When Buying A Residential Door

Buying a new front door for your home is one of the best ways to give your property instant kerb appeal, however there are some important questions to ask before you make a final decision about which residential door is right for you. While appearance may be a factor to consider, there are several more important elements to bear in mind when choosing a suitable door. Security, resistance to the elements and suitability of access are all key points that you should weigh up when making your purchase.

How Secure Is The Door?

Security may be the single most important factor when choosing a residential door. All new front doors are now required to have certain integrated security measures including viewers, door limiters and letter boxes which cannot be accessed by hand, however there are other security features that you will probably want to consider too. A “Secured By Design” accredited door will have undergone and passed rigorous security testing, so you can be certain that you are choosing a door that will withstand attack. Locks are also important, and you should choose one that has been protected from picking, drilling, snapping and bumping to give your home the greatest chance of deterring intruders. For the greatest security, you should have both a five lever mortice deadlock (which meets the BS3621 standard) and a Yale lock on your front door.

Is It Weather Proof?

If your front door is not resistant to the elements, you are putting your home at risk of damage from storms and inclement weather. There are certain things that you should look for when choosing a weather proof residential door including its accreditations. Quality doors are tested in accordance with BSEN 12211:2000, BSEN 1027:2000 and BSEN 1026:2000 to ensure that it is wind resistant, watertight and cannot be permeated by air. You should also choose a door that has a door drip (or weather bar) which will prevent water and draughts from entering your home. You may want to consider a door which uses GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) as this is an incredibly strong material which is very resistant to water and wind and will keep your property safe from weather damage.

Do You Need Disabled Access?

If you, a family member or a regular visitor to your home requires disabled access, you need to bear this in mind when choosing a residential door. A door with a low threshold is essential for wheelchair users or for those with limited mobility who cannot manage to walk over steps, and for those who would have difficulty in turning handles or manipulating a key, a fully automated door which is opened via a receiver unit is a useful choice.

A good residential door is one that meets rigorous security standards so that your home is well protected from intruders and able to withstand any potential attack. A quality door will also be weather proof to protect your home from water or wind damage and will be able to give appropriate access to anyone who needs to access your property regularly. When you choose the right residential door, you will not only have a safe and well protected home, but you will also have improved the appearance of your property, giving your home a stylish new look.

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