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Schuco Patio ASS 50




• Achieves massive spans with excellent transparency - leaf widths of 3 metres+

• Optional Lift & Slide mechanism for smoothest operation and greatest durability

• Weathertight to 600 Pa

• Can accommodate leaf weights of up to 400kg

•Double continuous EPDM gaskets for increased sound insulation for lift-and-slide systems


The incredible capabilities of this system allow you to creates generous, unimpeded and smooth-running passage opening in a minimal amount of space. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inward or outward to obstruct access routes, and with face widths as slim as 84mm even on huge spans there is no compromise on transparency or views. Sliding door constructions can be perfectly tailored to individual requirements using sash bars, feature glazing beads and stainless steel fittings, and In a closed state, they offer excellent thermal and sound insulation owing to perfect weathertightness.

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